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About is a one-person company that deals with software design and development. The design portfolio is rich, including any kind of development, mostly web, graphics, image processing, communication... to name the main paths only.
Fixpoint would like to prove that in many cases the one-person development is significantly more effective than a team work. Yes, it all depends on knowledge and skills. Generally I do not agree with the slogan: "Do not reinvent the wheel!". Just contrary, I believe "reinventing the wheel" allows to develop smarter, cleaner, many times even faster. So I am here for those who want something original, clever, unique..., instead of doing fast and cheap.
My ideas may be strange to you, but after 40 years of programming they are results of knowledge, skills and experiences. So I invite You, my potential customers, to try it with me. Before doing so read my portfolio to convince yourself.
Robert Szlizs
mathematician and software developer

lives in Galanta, Slovak Republic
accessible at

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